Home Integration

So you have multiple systems installed however yet have no home integration. Maybe you also have the associated applications on your mobile devices. With this cluster, how can they work with each other, thus giving you the “SMARTER HOUSE” you’ve aimed to achieve?

Welcome to the world of a home integration system.

It is designed to manage all your individual smart systems. Integration will roll them all into one application whilst allowing all the systems to work with each other.

Want to Make Your Life More Simple – Automate Your Home!

A smart house provides energy savings, security and increases the opportunity of enjoying your home. Not only can this make your life more simple and relaxing with automation, energy consumption is at your finger tips!

GO GREEN and make your contributions to our planet!

For example, you’re in the media room, the wall lights pulse for 3 seconds indicating someone’s at the front door. You have a myriad of options; control your security, home theatre, lighting, fans and air conditioning. What home integration ideas can you come up with, because nothings impossible, you just need the equipment and programmer!

A good integration system is 50% equipment, 50% programmer. I’ve seen too many systems fail to hit the mark because of an extreme unbalance. At PDM Automation we pride ourselves of meeting your goals within budget and meeting all expactations.

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