Multi Room Audio

Multi-room Audio

Are you wanting to spread sound into every corner of your home? A multi-room audio system is your solution. Yes, as it says, multiple rooms playing multiple audio feeds. How about grouping rooms on the same audio but at different volume levels?

Multi-room music systems connect to your home's wi-fi network so there's no need to trip over trailing wires. You can integrate existing hi-fi systems or start afresh. Also add outdoor and portable speakers if needed.

Imagine subtle music, always sounding its absolute best, whether played softly or loudly in any location you choose.

Imagine being able to access your entire movie and music collection, or watch the rest of that special DVD movie from any room without the need for several separate home entertainment systems. From personal music collections to streaming services, internet radio, podcast apps, multi-room audio systems give you access to many new exciting options.

Importantly, this incredible range of content is not limited to a single location but can be accessed throughout the home.

With so many audio streaming services to select from, which multiroom audio system is right for you to operate, and the level of sound quality in the rooms nominated?  Brad will help you navigate the multitude of options and meet your budget.

Bring music to your ears!
Have Brad design and install a multi room audio system now!

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