Multi-Room Video

Multi-room Video

Multi-room Video

Multi-room video means having access to the video source you want wherever you are in the house. Ever wanted that media box to play a recording in another room, or streamline the design with just the TV’s on the wall with no cabinetry to install the equipment locally. Now I can make that possible for you!

Welcome to multi-room video, which can be designed as small or large as required to suit your needs.

A video distribution system can provide you multiple screens throughout various rooms all playing from the same central source. An option is to also distribute your Pay-TV service throughout your home. Thus not needing to prescribe to any further set top boxes.

At PDM Automation all of our audio visual solutions are bespoke to suit each client’s requirements. Therefore, every decision I make as part of an installation service, from what brands to choose to where to position the speakers, is made with the client’s expressed needs, budget and preferences in mind.

Unsure what you require? Just contact Brad – we offer free consultations.

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