Your Network is the foundation of all your electronic devices. Just as the base for your house is built, if it’s not done right, the rest is just going to fall apart. We all rely on the internet now, so why not focus on the professional design of a solid, stable network.

In the 'smart home' the network is a mandatory component. It is the first system to be looked at on any existing and/or new installation.

Why is a Network needed?

Without a reliable and efficient network, even the smartest of your devices may be inoperable. Because in maintaining the smart home today, there is an ever increasing group of products which we rely upon. Such as, keeping a comfortable temperature, streaming movies, music and integrating security systems.

This is why the network has quickly become one of the most important automation systems in your home.

By the way, was your existing system designed and setup by a qualified network installer?
Even as a well seasoned, self taught installer, I knew I needed more knowledge to get it better, hence my PCNA certification.

Brad will design and install your home network bearing in mind both present and future capability. Meeting your needs in entertainment, computing and communications now and well into the future.

Unsure what you require? Just contact Brad – we offer free consultations.

Need some Advice?

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Brad genuinely loves his work, is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and home automation solutions.

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