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Be it in a living room, sunroom, library or bar, why not treat yourself to quality Hi Fi audio listening. Get those CD’s back out, and those ever so still popular LP’s, and/or stream your high bit rate music.

Multiroom audio has its place, however a standalone Hi Fi system is simply fantastic on the ears. As with those sports cars, bikes, good wine and cigars, a higher end Hi Fi setup is something appreciated, in possession for a very long time, and wanted by others.

High Fidelity

To quote:The term “hi-fi” — or “high fidelity” — dates back to the 1950s when it was used to describe audio equipment that was able to faithfully reproduce music. It meant that the music sounded like you were listening to the band or artist in person. Over the years, the definition of “high-fidelity” has evolved as the audio equipment and the ways we listened to music have also gotten better. What counts as “hi-fi” today? It’s not so easy to say.” Reference: what-does-hi-fi-mean-experts-explain.

If you have the desire to improve your Hi Fi listening experience, then the above article will be great reading. In my experience the best method of creating or improving a system is to ensure you get solid advice right at the start. Thus ensuring your goals and budget work together, you maximise the latest equipment as this is truly a fast paced technology to day.

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